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A modern take on the popular home portrait.

Custom Line Drawn Home Portraits

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As much as I love colorful graphic illustrations, I've got an equal amount of love for minimalistic line drawings.

I've brought clean lines and lush botanicals to the classic home portrait, adding a touch of nature and a bit of whimsy.

Digital line drawn home portraits add a personal touch to your own walls, or make a great housewarming gift for a friend.

surround your home with botanicals

You've seen home portraits before, but not like this.

Draw my home!

Document your home starting at $85

A digital line-drawn portrait of your home surrounded by botanicals (request your favorite plants, or leave it up to me).

Up to 2 change requests per design round

Your choice of B+W, color highlight, or color fill

Address or family name can be added

You receive a hi-res JPG file as well as an
8x10 giclée print on fine art paper (standard shipping included)

Here's what you get:

How it works:

Home Portraits

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Add a home portrait to your cart + check out

Fill out the form below with all of the details

Email a photo of your home to

After receiving your first pencil draft, request changes or approve for inking

Approve or request changes to colorized ink layer

Final JPG delivered and print ordered/shipped!

Each home portrait takes anywhere between 5-9 hours of active drawing time depending on the detail involved in the home + colorizing options. Most fall within the 5-7 range. As you can imagine, my hand, back, and eyes need to take breaks often!

How long does each home portrait take to illustrate?

It's definitely not exact (I'm sure there aren't plants literally springing from the roof, though it would be hella cool if there were), but rather an illustration to represent your home. So feel free to have me remove that random basement window that you hate, or color your siding pink like you've always dreamed it to be. 

Is this an exact representation of our home? Can we request changes?

I can add a pet or two peeking out the window if you wish. Include their picture when you send your home photo!

As for the kids: sorry, I'm not adding people to the home portraits at this time.

Can you add my cat/dog/hamster or kids?

I do work with pencil/fineliner, watercolor, and gouache, but somehow along the way digital art became my preferred medium when it comes to selling my art. I've come to find creating with paper and tangible media to be a relaxing activity for me, and I don't want it to become a source of stress by turning it into work. So at this time I am not offering home portraits in watercolor, pen, or gouache, but this may be an option in the future!

Do you only work digitally? Can I request a different medium?

I can't speak for other artists and how they price their work, but I respect my time and talent too much to undercharge for the amount of work that goes into my art. As stated before, most of my home portraits take me over 5 hours to complete (some homes have taken as much as 9 hours). I then order a fine art giclée print which is shipped to the customer.

Long story short, I believe many of those artists are not charging their worth and deserve to make more for their effort.

I've seen some home portraits on Etsy for $40. Why are yours more expensive?

A keen eye! I've changed the addresses in the web versions in order to protect the privacy of customers while still showing what a home portrait with address would look like.

Hey! That's my friend's home, but not their address.
Are these actual testimonials?

Send me a note and ask away!

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There's More!

A set of pre-sketched florals, arranged to fit the shape of your home, then inked.

For someone who: doesn't know the names of flowers; prefers fewer decisions; likes a slight doodle vibe; wants to expedite the process

Stock Florals

(What you see pictured here is what you get, tweaked to fit your home)

Keep going!

Your choice in florals (or leave it up to me), hand-sketched and inked.

For someone who: loves specific florals; prefers a more realistic floral drawing; wants the flowers to go with the vibe of the home.

Custom Florals

You love color?

A line drawn illustration of your home + florals finished in black ink.

For someone who: prefers simplicity; can't decide on colors; has a neutral decor style

Single Color

More color?

A line drawn illustration of your home + florals in black ink, finished with a pop of color of two. 

For someone who: has a signature pop of color on their home; loves color but can't commit to a palette

Color Highlight

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A line drawn illustration of your home + florals in black ink, finished with full or partial color fill. Choose your palette or leave it up to me!

For someone who: loves color!

Color Fill

Real people, fake addresses
(to protect their privacy)


I ordered this for our sweet neighbors for their one year house-iversary, and it was the best gift! They love it, and I also love it and want one for myself. Alicia designed the house beautifully and looked for my input about if I cared about how I wanted the colors to be. I went with "artists choice," and it turned out awesome💛

"I went with 'artists choice,' and it turned out awesome."


Truly an heirloom. This was a gift from a dear friend as a housewarming gift and it now hangs in the foyer of my home. The first house I ever purchased on my own. Even if this place is no longer home, it'll be a reminder of the first place I called mine.

"A reminder of the first place I called mine."


Alicia was such a joy to work with. This is the second time I’ve come to her and she is very responsive, delightful and at the end of it all there is a beautiful piece of art. I can’t recommend her enough!

"Alicia is very responsive, delightful and at the end of it all there is a beautiful piece of art."

Chelsea Belle

Alicia made the most beautiful thoughtful custom illustration for me. She was easy to communicate the vision to and was quick to share a draft and open to making small changes and additions to make the illustration capture the essence of our sweet home perfectly. If your home is in need of some sweet, colorful, joyful custom art Alicia’s hands will make the perfect piece.

"If your home is in need of some sweet, colorful, joyful custom art, Alicia’s hands will make the perfect piece."

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Custom Florals + Fine Art Print
(Color Fill)

Custom Florals + Fine Art Print
(BW or Highlight)

Stock Florals + Fine Art Print

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